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— Shakespeare…kind of. I bet he’d be a Paily shipper. Happy Birthday Sir William. It’s Talk Like Shakespeare Day!  (via danapiccoli)

“The Weekenders” is set in fictional Bahia Bay, California, where we meet Tino Tonitini, an eccentric young man raised by a single vegan mom. He survives life by hanging with his three friends Carver, and girls Lor, and Tish. Of course their personalities differ wildly, but they’re incredibly close knit, and find themselves at odds in every episode. The formula of “The Weekenders” is we either meet the group of friends at the beginning or the tail end of a very important weekend. And we’d then spend an episode built around flashbacks, watching them endure havoc for two whole days. You wouldn’t think “The Weekenders” could do much with this idea, but surely enough the show created by Doug Langdale was not only very original, but very funny. The series garnered a very good cast of voice actors which included Kathy Soucie, Grey DeLisle, Jason Marsden, and Phil Lamarr in the key roles, Marsden playing the lead Tino. The writing is what really made it stand out among a slew of typical tween oriented dramedies at the time. Creator Langdale helped realize a very unique and interesting world filled with hilarious running gags that made the show so much fun. For one thing the characters always changed clothes in most scenes for every episode, which is unorthodox since almost all animated series feature their characters wearing the same clothes during every single episode. There was also Tino’s vegan mother who always made him some inedible meal that he’d have to suffer through, the gang’s frequenting the local pizza place that always had a new wacky gimmick to attract customers, and character Lor’s group of older brothers that’d wreak havoc on her whenever an episode revolved around an issue she was dealing with. […] The series just hasn’t lost its comic edge and timing, with much of the unusual and original animation really working to the attempted comic tone. It’s a shame “The Weekenders” never became much beyond a TV show once aired on ABC in America. It’s a show deserving of a reboot and a definite revival, if only to see if Tino and Lor ever got together. Fifteen years later, it’s still a blast.

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